Ambassador Dummy Dummy Dumb Dums (crickets) wrote in lost_recs,
Ambassador Dummy Dummy Dumb Dums

music to my eyes!

001. when you're dead by slybrunette
lost, jack/sawyer/claire, r, 1500ish
But of an insta-rec as she just posted it today, but, so. damn. good. It's this kind of desolate and needy and lonely, but at the same time beautiful, thing. Anytime anybody writes this pairing my instant reaction is "Yay, Jawyercita!" But this is honestly one of the best I have read. She has a way with these three that seems to get better every time she writes them. Her characterization is fantastic, especially Claire. And Sawyer's voice is spot on. Just... lovely.

002. thought that was a good solution by astra2104
lost, jack/sawyer, pg-ish?, drabble
A beautiful heartwrenching little drabble with reflections on the season 4 finale. It made me miss reading these two. Oh gosh, boys. This felt old school somehow, and it broke my heart.
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